New solutions to upper back pain in Bremerton WA

New solutions to upper back pain in Bremerton WA

New solutions to upper back pain in Bremerton WA

Bad posture is something almost every other person is facing right now.
We are all hunched over our phones, typing away on laptops, bent over notebooks to get to a place of accomplishment, to reach our goal, but we don’t take into account the problems caused by improper posture and the risks of it on your long-term living.

Common problems due to poor posture include:

  1. Potbelly and rounded shoulders: a lot of people struggle with potbelly and rounded shoulders, despite other aspects of their life being great and healthy, simply due to their improper posture forcing their bellies to the forefront and shoulders to hunch inwards. Potbelly at a young age makes one seem unhealthy and older while rounded shoulders makes one seem clumsy, unconfident and meek, even if this were not the actual case.
  2. Head that falls back or forward: unlike a bobblehead, we humans have a slightly rigid neck and this means with improper posture, the perpetual forward or backward bending of the head leaves the opening for a lot of neck pain and shoulder issues
  3. Body aches and pain: our posture determines how much area we provide for our organs and with hunched positions, our organs and spine don’t get enough room and aren’t stretched, they don’t get enough blood flow and we develop a lot of body aches and pains. Like back pains, headaches, decreased stability, leg pain, etc.
  4. Muscle fatigue: our posture and oxygen, nutrition levels to different muscles are quite deeply connected and it is no surprise for muscle fatigue to occur when our improper posture prevents access to those necessary elements.
  5. Degeneration of joints: improper posture puts pressure on joints even when not needed and causes their abnormal wearing down.

Upper back pain is a very common problem also caused by poor posture in Bremerton. The back undergoes way too much stress to maintain stability, allow enough area for organs, maintain range of motion and still accommodate its own rigidity and the upper back has to handle the shoulders and neck along with the usual stress from posture.

Hunched back is a very serious problem arising from improper posture as the spine develops the hunched state to be its permanent state of position and no longer stretches to a fully straight spine,

This is why posture correction is highly important. But, posture correction takes a lot of time, during which the conditions could worsen or there could be a relapse.

So, chiropractic posture correction is the best solution. They could use chiropractic adjustments or spinal decompression to elongate and stretch the spine so that all the vertebrae have enough space to pop back into place and get realigned.

Some benefits to chiropractic posture correction include:

  • Increase blood circulations
  • Increased immunity, range of motion, flexibility
  • Quick, non-invasive, and effective
  • Relaxes the body for best posture
  • Raised spinal strength to prevent back pain
  • Decreases and manages pain
  • Raises resistance to spinal issues
  • There will be fewer posture-related problems like headaches, body pains, back pain, etc.
  • Increased energy levels because the blocks are gone and your muscles and body don’t feel postural fatigue
  • Reduces wearing down of joints
  • Improved lung capacity, digestion with more space

If you are facing problems due to your posture, visit your nearest chiropractor now.

Happy healing!


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