Sciatic Pain & What They Don’t Tell You About Corticosteroids in Bremerton WA

Sciatic Pain & What They Don't Tell You About Corticosteroids in Bremerton WA

Chiropractic Bremerton WA Sciatic Pain Corticosteroids

Sciatica is caused by compression of the sciatic nerve and can cause shooting pain, numbness, and weakness in the legs. This compression can be caused by disc herniation, stenosis, trauma, or tightness of the muscles surrounding the sciatic nerve. Symptoms of sciatica can be scary and often people turn to corticosteroid injections. Corticosteroid injections can be a very effective form of inflammation reduction and pain control. However, these injections are not a lifelong solution. Corticosteroid injections can lead to cartilage damage within a joint, which creates more of a problem in the long run.

At our Bremerton WA chiropractic clinic, our providers conduct a thorough exam to find the source of someone’s sciatic pain. By finding the source of the compression, our providers are better able to create a treatment plan that is tailored to each individual.

Sciatic Treatment In Bremerton WA

  • Lumbar Decompression: Very often sciatic pain is due to pressure from a disc bulge. Our lumbar decompression table works by gently stretching a patient’s lower back. This creates space between the joints of the lower back and takes the pressure off of the irritated nerve.
  • Adjustments: Adjustments improve joint mobility, decrease pain, and increase function. When joints and muscles are functioning properly, the nerves traveling around these areas can function properly as well.
  • Manual Therapy: Sciatic pain can also be caused by the piriformis muscle. This muscle is located beneath the gluteal muscles and can compress the sciatic nerve. Our providers can locate and release the piriformis which improves blood flow to the muscle and takes the pressure off of the sciatic nerve.

Even if you have had corticosteroids in the past, it’s not too late to seek natural treatment! Schedule an appointment with our licensed chiropractors to get the relief you’re looking for!


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