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Suffer from low back pain in Bremerton? It seems like more more people experience chronic low back pain and also it seems like the only solution is over the counter medications or prescription medications for their daily suffering. There has to be a better way, why are so many Americans reliant on medications to get through their day. Many patients have a hard time getting through a regular day of work, raising their kids or just getting out of bed without chronic low back pain. Other countries do not take medications like we do.....Europeans and South Americans do not consume pharmaceuticals like we do.

Natural solutions to chronic low back pain in Bremerton

  • Decompression Therapy: Decompression therapy in Bremerton Wellness is advanced technology that helps take the pressure off of irritated discs and nerve root compression. By vacuum distracting irritated joints patients are able to alleviate their chronic low back pain with advanced decompression therapy.
  • Chiropractic: Chiropractic therapy is utilized to mobilize restricted joints, overtime if joints are irritated and re-injured with daily activities, restricted motion will result. The most effective way to move a joint is through chiropractic. By applying specific forces to a restricted joint, chiropractic doctors are able to alleviate chronic low back pain.
  • Massage therapy: Chronic muscle spasms and trigger points can result from chronic low back pain in Bremerton. The most effective way to alleviate muscle pain is via massage therapy. Medical massage and myofascial release are utilized to decrease trigger points and allow muscles to relax.


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