Frozen Shoulder Treatment in Bremerton WA

Frozen Shoulder Treatment in Bremerton WA

Chiropractic Bremerton WA Frozen Shoulder

Adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder, often referred to as Frozen Shoulder, typically involves pain and stiffness of the shoulder joint. While this can happen after having to keep the shoulder still for an extended period of time (after fractures, surgeries, etc.), it can also occur without warning. Frozen shoulder can be scary and it may feel easier to immobilize the joint. Below you’ll find out why there are better options and what our providers at our Bremerton WA chiropractic clinic can do to help!

What Is Frozen Shoulder Pain?

First, it is important to determine whether or not your shoulder pain is truly frozen shoulder. Other concerns to rule out include tears, tendinitis, impingement, and arthritis. At your first visit, your provider will bring you through a series of tests, ranges of motion, and functional movements to determine the cause of your pain. If a frozen shoulder is the problem, there are things our providers can do to help.

Movement & Mobility In Bremerton WA

It is essential to keep the shoulder moving. The providers here at Bremerton Wellness will recommend movements and shoulder mobility exercises to safely increase the motion of the shoulder. Our chiropractors will adjust the joints when necessary to encourage movement of the shoulder joint and assist with pain control. Class IV laser therapy will help with pain control, and inflammation, and works to increase cellular activity which promotes healing. Acupuncture and massage therapy are also effective in reducing pain, increasing blood flow, and improving range of motion.

Whether you’ve been dealing with a frozen shoulder for a while or it’s a new concern, we’re here to help! Connect with one of our Bremerton providers today and find out what treatment is right for you!


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