New Solutions to Disc & Decompression Disc Therapy in Bremerton & Silverdale

New Solutions to Disc & Decompression Disc Therapy in Bremerton & Silverdale

Back Pain in Bremerton WA

What is Decompression therapy?
Decompression disc therapy in Bremerton & Silverdale is a treatment that utilizes new technology to decrease pressure off the nerve roots coming out of the spine. The most common cause of nerve root compression is caused by disc herniation‘s. Decompression therapy at Bremerton Wellness works by decompressing discs by using vacuum distraction at specific forces applied to the root cause.

What causes herniated disc’s?
The most common cause is repetitive injuries and postural overload putting pressure on the lower discs in the lower back. Patient who have done repetitive jobs that involve lifting, prolonged sitting, twisting and awkward positions are more susceptible to disk problems in the future. Misalignment of the spine, pelvis and hips can also cause pressure on the discs which can intern herniate a susceptible disc causing a herniation.

Other conditions helped by Decompression disc therapy in Bremerton & Silverdale

  • Sciatica
  • Facet syndrome
  • Chronic low back pain
  • SI joint dysfunction
  • Lower back sprain/strain
  • Neuropathy
  • Chronic hip pain

Stem cell therapy is also utilized to regenerate worn out spinal segments. Stem therapy has become popular in the past 10 years due to the fact that its the first time in history where we can turn back the clock and help regenerate worn out cartilage and tendons.

What is the most common treatment for low back pain?
You got it, pharmaceuticals. Why do we depend on pharmaceuticals in Bremerton & Silverdale at such a high rate? We are a society that wants a quick fix and will do anything to get rid of the pain. We never stop to ask, what is the underlying cause? When a lower back disc wears out, we never get the option of going to the real root of the problem. We are usually just offered drugs and surgery. Here is a simple analogy of taking meds for lower back pain. If your car was squeaking every time you drove, you would stop and take it the mechanic. When you go the mechanic and he told you that he could solve the problem and then turns up the radio and asks you can you hear the squeaking sound now? Sure the squeaking sound is no longer heard, but it doesn't fix anything. Most likely you would not be happy with your mechanic, but we do this every day when we take drugs for chronic pain. We are not fixing anything.

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