Decompression Disc Therapy in Bremerton & Silverdale

Decompression Disc Therapy in
Bremerton & Silverdale

Spinal Decompression in Bremerton WA

The minute a patient finds out they have a disc herniation or bulge in Bremerton & Silverdale they are under the impression the only option is a surgical option. There are now new ways to treat disc herniation‘s without drugs and surgery. Disc decompression therapy is a non-invasive therapy that utilizes specific traction forces that allow negative pressure in the disc to absorb water and heal. Your discs are comprised of 80% water and when compressed they do not absorb in water. The traction force is applied to the spine during decompression therapy, allowing fluid and nutrients to enter the disc space.

Decompression disc there is also utilized to treat sciatica, chronic low back pain, stenosis, chronic pain syndrome and many other conditions at Bremerton Wellness.

Why not try inversion therapy in Bremerton & Silverdale:

Inversion tables take the pressure off the disc but it does not create the pumping action decompression therapy does. This form of traction does not allow water to be reabsorbed back into the disc, which is the sole mechanism of rehydrating a disc.

Home exercises:

Once we are able to get decrease a patients pain by 50%, the next step is to strengthen the ligaments and muscles around the joint. Strengthening the paraspinal muscles and the deep core muscles is crucial for long-term success.

Laser therapy:

During decompression therapy at Bremerton Wellness in Bremerton, it is often necessary to use class IV laser therapy to allow irritated muscles and ligaments to heal. During the Decompression therapy,  the muscles do not like the changes applied to the spine and they can elicit soreness. Class IV laser allows instant healing through ATP production.


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