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chiropractor talks about headaches

Headaches afflict many millions of people each year. One in six Americans suffers from headaches and eight million people will see a doctor each year. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is very effective at treating them, often reducing their frequency, intensity and sometimes stopping them all together. The key to this ability is in discovering the specific cause of each headache. No two are exactly the same, but once it is determined what the source of the headache is, treating it with acupuncture and natural methods becomes very effective. Headaches are most commonly caused by one of the following: stress and anxiety, menstrual related, anemia, irregular eating habits or poor digestion, and issues with fluid metabolism. In acupuncture, we determine the cause by asking what kind of pain it is. For example, whether it is stabbing, dull and achey, a pressure feeling, empty and hollow or a full and heavy sensation? The location of the headache also determines a lot of the treatment. It may affect the sides, top, back, front of the head or around the eyes. Once the location and the quality of pain is determined and lifestyle factors are understood, the acupuncturist is able to determine which specific acupuncture points to use or which herbs will best be able to help that person's condition. It is also important for the patient to take care of themselves and make sure they are making themselves better but eating more regularly, or practicing stress reduction exercises, which the acupuncturist may teach them. There isn't a magic formula for headaches or any condition for that matter, but when the source of each condition is carefully determined, treatment becomes long lasting and may reduce the issue significantly or eliminate it all together.



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