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bò he
field mint peppermint
bò he yóu
peppermint oil

Peppermint in Bremerton “Releases the exterior” in Chinese medicine but is also cooling. Settles the tummy, popular in many cultures as a fresh leave tea served warm or cold. Has a cooling effect, sensory-wise on the palate, which is why the Chinese say it is ‘Cooling’ in East Asian Medical Theory.

Other Herbs for Acupuncture in Bremerton

Bo he grows like a weed, it’s great as a topping in culinary. Add it to the top of your asparagus soup or fresh Spring sprig salad. Great to pair with the whites of Spring onion or the greens of chives. How silly can we get in culinary and how precise we can be in Chinese nutrition or medicine, which is more defined by dosage and usage as a pharmacological spectrum.

Modernly and historically used to give fresh flavor after heavy meals as digestif.

Add fresh parsley or a shot of juice to cleanse. Perfect to pair as a dressing with lime and olive oil. More cooling, add celery and there you have a formula as food therapy. Raw honey or date syrup if you have food allergies for sweet salad or vinegar for sour like the lemon to uplift your spirit with the concept of aromatics. Light and floating herbs are to be added at the end and on top because they float on water, because it’s the oil from the plant that floats. With citrus and Himalayan pink salt, electrolytes are in the dressing adding an element of ultra-hydration, you can play around with concepts here in food to make them healing. -Tiffanie Yumang DACM, Chinese Herbalist.


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